IMG_1379AMS is a charity registered organisation formed by Malawians living in Scotland to serve the interest of Malawians and all people interested in all aspects of Malawi.

Association of Malawians in Scotland (AMS) was formed by Malawians living in Scotland. The Association aims to achieve the following objectives as enshrined in the constitution (copy below):

  1. Creating and maintaining a directory of Malawians living in Scotland.
  2. Raise funds to support the work of the association and its members.
  3. Providing a means by which Malawians in Scotland can integrate into and engage with Scottish society.
  4. Operating charitable projects in Malawi and Scotland.
  5. Acting as a social support group for Malawians in Scotland.
  6. Providing advisory services to the Scottish Government and to Scottish charities, groups and individuals with interest on Malawi.
  7. Organizing social events for Malawians in Scotland and for other interested parties.

The association seeks to achieve the above objectives by:

  1.  attracting members to join the association;
  2.  conduct charitable activities;
  3.  engaging members in various social activities to encourage sharing of knowledge and resources;
  4.  exploring and facilitating socio-economic development in or between Malawi and Scotland by utilizing the available opportunities